One feature of Brave Brigade is the evolution system, wherein mercenaries can go up in rank, increasing its stats and sometimes learning new skills.

How to EvolveEdit


Gotta get that Floria Elaine!!

Evolutions are done through the Mercs menu. To find out if a mercenary can evolve, simply select the mercenary, then click the "Evolve" button. If the mercenary can't be evolved, a message will pop up saying so. Otherwise, a new evolution screen will appear, detailing things such as what the evolved form looks like, how many mercenaries you need to fuse, and the gold cost to evolve the mercenary.


  • The mercenary you are evolving must be at max level except for Expert Crow, which evolves at level 45 instead of his max level 60.
  • Mercenaries of the same rank as the merc you're trying to evolve must be sacrificed. Quantity is determined by rank:
    • Rank 1: One 1-star mercenary and 2,100 Gold
    • Rank 2: Two 2-star mercenaries and 4,725 Gold
    • Rank 3: Three 3-star mercenaries and 8,400 Gold
    • Rank 4: Four 4-star mercenaries and 13,125 Gold
    • Rank 5: Five 5-star mercenaries and 18,900 Gold
    • Rank 6: You can't evolve a 6-star merc, silly.
  • The gold evolution cost to evolve the Novice Fighter, Novice Guard, Novice Priest, Novice Ranger, and Novice Mage are slightly lower.
    • Rank 2: Two 2-star mercenaries and 1,575 Gold (33% cheaper)
    • Rank 3: Three 3-star mercenaries and 5,600 Gold (67% cheaper)

Common QuestionsEdit

  • What level should I evolve my mercenary?
    • Most mercenaries can't evolve unless they're at max level. The evolve window tells you what level your mercenary and the materials need to be. Aside from that, the level will not affect the stats of your newly-evolved mercenary.
  • Why can't I evolve this merc that clearly has an evolution in the merc book?!
    • The evolutionary form has not yet been added to the game and will be available in a future update.
  • Which mercs can evolve?
    • For a list of evolvable mercenaries, please check the Evolution List!
  • Will the stat card bonuses be carried over?