Gems are required for leveling up mercenaries, so they're considered valuable resources. This page aims to answer questions about what they are, and how to find them!

What Are Gems?

Gems are items that provide experience to mercenaries, allowing them to level up and get super strong! The amount of experience given is determined by the tier and color of the gem:

  • Red = Bonus EXP to Attackers
  • Blue = Bonus EXP to Defenders
  • Green = Bonus EXP to Healers
  • Purple = Bonus EXP to Supporters
  • Black = Bonus EXP to Specials

Finding Gems

Gems can be obtained as item drops in the Battlefield, as well as opening gem boxes. Gem boxes give 1 random gem when used.

The only guaranteed way of farming gems is through running Gem Mines. The type of gem rewarded depends on the color of the mines:

The Gold Mine gives Gold Gems, and although they appear in the same map as the colored gem mines, these gems do not give exp, and are instead sold for gold.