Leader Skills are learn-able by Heroes and are unlockable using gold after reaching certain levels:

  • First Leader Skill: Default
  • Second Leader Skill: Level 20
  • Third Leader Skill: Level 30

Every Hero has three unique skills, and only one may be active at a time. The Leader Skill you set as your active Leader Skill will also be the skill that other players benefit from when they use you in battle.

Skills by HeroEdit

Every hero skill is capped at level 10 (Source).

Lancer Figaro Priestess Adelia Slinger Famirae
HP Increase (Leader) Icon HP Increase (Leader) Auto-Heal Icon Auto-Heal Poison Immune Icon Poison Immune
Heal Resist Icon Heal Resist 50px Attack Resist Support Resist Icon Support Resist
DEF Enhance Icon DEF Enhance Heal Enhance Icon Heal Enhance ATK Enhance Icon ATK Enhance
Mage Stuart Swordmaster Furian Assassin Yasmin
SP Recovery (Leader) Icon SP Recovery (Leader) First Strike (Leader) Icon First Strike Blind Immune Icon Blind Immune
Resist Defender Icon Resist Defender Terrain Effect Icon Terrain Effect Silence Immune Icon Silence Immune
Support Enhance Icon Support Enhance Special Enhance Icon Special Enhance Stun Immune Icon Stun Immune
Trickster Lori
Star Shield Icon Star Shield
Monster Hunter Icon Monster Hunter
Mirror Image Icon Mirror Image

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