Gems are used to level up Mercenaries. As a Mercenary's level increases, so too does the cost of feeding the Mercenary gems. Additionally, higher-ranked Mercenaries tend to cost more to level up than lower-ranked ones.


Experience given by a gem depends on the type of mercenary the gem is being given to, and the tier of the gem itself:

Gem Type EXP to Same Type EXP to Different Type
Tiny 100 50
Flawed 500 250
Dull 1000 500
Fair 3000 1500
Normal 10000 5000
Bright 30000 15000
Grand 100000 50000
Mythic 500000 250000

Gem CostsEdit

Note that for every level increase, the cost (in gold) for applying each gem will marginally increase. So, it tends to be more economical to level up mercenaries by applying 6 gems at once or only using higher tier gems. If you are close to next level, it may also be a better idea to forgo the stat boost from the next level and maintain current level for cheaper leveling cost.

Please visit the Gem Costs page for further info!

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