Alternating stages are areas which switch between one another on a regular basis every hour and appear twice a day.

These stages all have a capturable soul that can evolve into a unique merc.

Stage OverviewEdit

Stage Name Merc Drop Time (CST)
Silent Assassin Sister M Soul 12-1 AM & PM
Slime King King Slime Soul 1-2 AM & PM
Desert Lord Calix Soul 2-3 AM & PM
Abandoned Girl Floria Soul 3-4 AM & PM
Heretic Boy Damian Soul 4-5 AM & PM
Happy Clovers Edellia Soul 5-6 AM & PM
Gambler Rick David Soul 6-7 AM & PM
Black Agents Lasagna Soul 7-8 AM & PM
Crow Gang Astin Soul 8-9 AM & PM
Lofty Manor Kaine Soul 9-10 AM & PM
Halcyon Hall Macroix Soul 10-11 AM & PM
Secret Garden Bitter Root Soul 11-12 AM & PM

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