• Definewikipedia

    I would like to ask for your support in adopting the Brave Brigade Wiki.

    There are many pages on this wiki that are locked and can only be edited by the admins. Unfortunately, the admin of the wiki (Arcelle) is no longer actively contributing. The problem is new users coming to the wiki looking for information about the game end up seeing outdated information. It enforces the mentality that the wiki is outdated, thus resulting in fewer people coming in to contribute. By allowing me to become the admin, I can ensure the wiki is updated and help foster an active community - hopefully one that is similar in activity during Arcelle if not more.

    You can take a look at the admins of this wiki here. As you can see, the last edit Arcelle made was ba…

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  • Galade

    Future prospects

    August 31, 2014 by Galade

    Hi all! I'm new to this wiki and I couldn't help but contributing, keep in mind that all the content i'll be posting here comes from installed versions that belong to other companies different from ZQgame. Even if the main designer of the apk is YD online , abroad versions result from the collaboration between YD online and other bussiness partners (take as an example the korean version, where the partners are AfreecaTV and Ncucu -wich apparently is some kind of sub branch of YD online, it seems they particularlly developed the game-). I explain this so you don't keep your hopes up too soon, even if our version shares its developers with the others that have been in the market for longer, there's no gurantee the same content will we avaliab…

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