As noted on the FAQ page:

  • Battlefields are the different locations in which combat occurs. Each Battlefield is made up of a certain amount of stages. Complete every stage in a Battlefield to unlock the next Battlefield. Complete any Stage with a 3 star rating and you will get 1 Star (currency) for your efforts! A 3 star rating will only be rewarded once.


The maximum rating you can achieve on any given stage is 3 stars. For each of the following criteria fulfilled, you will receive 1 star rating:

  • Finish the stage
  • Finish within the designated "Clear Time"
  • Finish without suffering any deaths
    • Reviving a Mercenary before the end of the stage still counts as a death!
    • Having a merc removed from battle from a skill like Hurricane does not count as a death.


Below is a list of Battlefields accessible by players: